So you love your own pieces, but you want a fresh set of eyes to bring it together and get your place to the next level. We now offer our Re-Style service, a one-to-two two day revamp of what you already own, selective Platform layers brought in for you to review, and recommendations of items we think would suit your space.


  • We walk through your space and discuss your vision

  • You give us the keys for a day, we bring in the goodies and make the magic happen

  • If we think there are bigger pieces or ideas still to consider, we follow up with a shopping list and sources to find everything


The day of installation we will arrange your pieces, style and accessorize. This includes artwork, your personal items and decor, purchased items, and accessories from Platform’s collection that we think will enhance your space and suit your personal style. You may choose to to purchase any of the items we provide that you like.